Welcome to Mana’ish


Toni and Dina have always enjoyed the multicultural culinary experiences Toronto has to offer. The lack of quality Lebanese culinary options fueled Toni and Dina’s interest in creating their version of a globally inspired Mana’ish.

One morning, while having their favorite Lebanese breakfast, Manaish (a flatbread slathered in za’atar, a thyme herb mix with sesame seeds topped with tomato and mint) Toni wanted to add some extra flavour to change it up for his Greek wife. So, he topped it with feta cheese and black olives. This was the inception of a wonderful, flavourful global spice palette that is the start of Mana’ish Global Flatbread. Toni wrote down MANA’ISH on a napkin and they realized that this was the missing piece of Toronto’s middle eastern food culture.

After spending months working with a top chef blending spices and researching flavours from around the world, while pairing these manaish with coffee and teas, Manaish Global Flatbread was born.

We welcome you to visit us, experience our unique menu and celebrate our passion for Mana’ish.